LINET introduces the Multicare bedframe

LINET introduces the Multicare bedframe

After intensive research and development, the new Multicare bedframe will provide a whole new level of innovation and care for critical and intensive care situations.

As an advanced therapy system the Multicare will simplify interventions in ITU’s and CCU’s improving patient care through treatment and rehabilitation whilst providing comfortable working conditions for nursing staff. A combination of advanced innovations with functional features ensures that the Multicare is an accomplished member of any critical care team.

The innovative features of the Multicare ensure that it is the ideal partner in the treatment of critical care patients by assisting in the prevention of pulmonary and respiratory complications and facilitating many therapeutic and diagnostic procedures such as in-bed x-ray and c-arm scanning, patient weighing and pressure area care.

Key innovative features of the Multicare
• Automatic Lateral Therapy (ALT)
• Automatic weighing system
• In-bed x-ray and c-arm examination
• Multiboard controls featuring intuitive LCD touchscreen panel
• Orthopnoeic Chair® position
• Ergoframe positioning system

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