LogiCool InRak: Highly efficient and resilient

LogiCool InRak: Highly efficient and resilient

The LogiCool InRak is an efficient in-row cooling solution for high density data centre applications. Positioned next to a rack or within a row of server cabinets, the InRak directs air horizontally to the front of the server racks. The InRak delivers complete confidence, with in-built resilience and excellent efficiencies, lifting the InRak’s EER to 90.3 during part load operation.

Providing industry-leading cooling for its footprint, the InRak offers the ultimate in scalable solutions for the modern data centre. It includes a top connection for rooms without a floor void and delivers even greater efficiency when combined with Airedale’s latest technology free-cooling chillers.

Key feature: improved efficiency through aisle containment.

The InRak can be integrated into a traditional hot or cold aisle system, but when it is applied with aisle containment, the InRak’s performance is significantly enhanced. In hot aisle containment, the InRak’s fans draw in hot air rejected by the servers. This hot air passes over the InRak heat exchangers and is rejected as cold air supplied directly to the server racks as shown in the diagram on the right. Due to the minimum distance that the hot air has to travel, the risk of cold air mixing with rejected hot air is greatly decreased. This in turn reduces the need for very low supply air temperatures, enabling the data centre to operate at higher temperature, which improves its efficiency.

Key feature: EC centrifugal fans – up to 70% more efficient than AC fan at part load
Most servers operate at less than 100% capacity, therefore energy costs can be significantly reduced when cooling equipment operates at part load. The InRak has been engineered with very low air flow resistance and utilises the latest EC centrifugal fan technology which delivers greatly enhanced fan efficiency particularly at part load, lifting its EER up to 90.3 (n+1).

Key InRak in-row IT cooling benefits:


  • n + 1 fan configuration for increased efficiency and uptime (option)
  • Aisle pressure control managing pressure between the hot and cold aisle
  • Automatic transfer switch (option) plus controller backup
  • Hot swappable fans allowing fan assembly to be replaced while unit is running

  • EER up to 90.3 (n+1, CW)66% energy saving p.a. with EC fan*Integration with a free-cooling chiller (option)
  • Designed and optimised for R410A
  • EC inverter compressor for precise control and high part load efficiency

  • Advanced Airetronix control
  • Compact design for increased cooling per m²
  • Dew point controlAir filtrationEMC compliance
* compared with a conventional CRAC unit

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