LOGICWALL® achieves 50dB acoustic rating

LOGICWALL® achieves 50dB acoustic rating

With the majority of residential projects today, contractors and developers are looking to exceed the building regulations for acoustics by at least 5dB. Currently building regulations for party walls between apartments is 45dB, and with LOGICWALL®, no further treatment is necessary to achieve the required 50dB rating.

LOGICWALL® is the choice for multi-level residential concrete structures for the following reasons:

• LOGICWALL® 162mm party wall requires no secondary studwork or cavity to meet and exceed the acoustic requirements
• No plasterboard or wall finishes are required other than tape & jointing, and a couple of coats of paint
• At only 162mm finished wall thickness, valuable extra space is gained in each apartment when compared to a traditional party wall thickness of 270mm or more

Above are just some of the benefits of building with AFS LOGICWALL®. LOGICWALL can cut your construction program by up to a third, saving you labour and pre-lim costs.

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