Lumiere Apartments, Clapham

Lumiere Apartments, Clapham

Client: Henley Homes PLC
Installer: Southern Maze Facades
Structural engineer: Price & Myers
Architect: Assael
Project value: £15 million

This prestigious development combines the classical elegance of 1930s theatre with bold, contemporary urban living. Modern architectural design brings panache and style to the magnificent listed theatre building, originally opened in 1937.

Blending the old with the new to develop 40 stunning new apartments has been a complex process; structural requirements have been exacting and regulations demanding due to the nature of the project and the listed building at its core. New structural elements had to be incorporated without affecting the existing building. With EOS load bearing systems this could be accomplished to the high standard required.

Exceptional design, stylish interiors and a premium location make the Lumiere apartments a place for luxury living, complete with the original auditorium at their heart.

Heavily influenced by the glory of the auditorium and the special task of building the project around it, developers faced some tough constraints. Adding floors above a vast hollow necessitated a light weight solution that could take the load, without bearing down on the existing structure.

Light gauge steel frame was selected for the advantages it could offer over traditional methods and materials. EOS load bearing system was installed as an external frame, fitting over the top of the old cinema and spreading the load out and down as part of a cantilever system. The result being that no support structure affected the existing building, and maximum space could be achieved within individual apartments.

Similar systems were applied elsewhere within the construction project with the load bearing capability of the EOS system allowing for free-standing structural elements to be incorporated within existing walls without imposing on the cinema building.

These systems can be used in applications up to nine storeys in height and can integrate advanced flooring solutions using the EOS flooring system.

In addition to key structural benefits, significant efficiency gains were made. Fewer site deliveries meant less disruption for the densely populated locality and the build speed times for light gauge steel frame structures are up to 50-60% quicker than for traditional methods meaning the apartments project could proceed with pace and precision.

Specialist expertise within the EOS team allows the company to work closely with the client to meet demanding project specifications. In this case, EOS was highly effective in addressing unique constraints and delivering high-quality solutions for a striking project.

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