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Luxury Canan Residence prevents limescale with Sentinel’s kalGUARD device

Luxury Canan Residence prevents limescale with Sentinel’s kalGUARD device

Canan Residence, a luxury high rise development located in the heart of Istanbul’s new financial centre, is successfully controlling limescale formation in its hot water system thanks to KalGUARD™ from Sentinel.

KalGUARD boasts a return on investment of 12 months compared with brine water softeners. The independently-proven technology has negligible operational costs and requires minimal maintenance.

In the absence of adequate limescale control, the hard water of the area will give rise to limescale accumulation in water heaters, pipework and appliances, a phenomenon which can lead to low water flow rates, increased energy consumption and asset breakdown.

Limescale can also adhere to sanitary fittings, such as showers and taps, potentially ruining aesthetics and function, and can jeopardise the health of a system by providing an ideal environment for bacteria to grow.

KalGUARD uses unique powered electrolytic scale inhibitor technology that is based upon a methodology recommended by the Building Services Compliance Guide to Part L of the UK building Regulations and ICOM for the control of scale.

KalGUARD works by utilising a pure zinc sacrificial anode to permanently change calcium carbonate crystals (calcite limescale) into soft, non-deposit forming aragonite. This permanent change means that KalGUARD enables water to be stored without any loss of treatment. The product is also WRAS-approved, meaning water is safe to drink.

Value-engineered, KalGUARD is non-LSI dependent and sized according to demand, so just one unit is needed to treat an entire system when installed on the rising main before the tank and booster sets. The device is also quick to install, having taken Sentinel’s technical team less than a day to fit at the Canan Residence.

To test the effectiveness of KalGUARD, the facilities manager at Canan Residence installed the device on one of the development’s brand new 500 litre resistance type hot water boilers and monitored its performance against a 300 litre hot water boiler which had no water treatment in place.

Both boilers were set to continuous 80 degrees Celsius. Before commissioning, the two boilers were washed and inspected, and it was confirmed they were free of limescale.

After three months in use, the boilers were inspected again. The boiler with no water treatment had already begun to suffer from significant limescale deposition. In contrast, the boiler with KalGUARD protection, despite coping with a much higher volume of water, was completely clean and clear of limescale.

“This test not only demonstrated how quickly limescale can build-up in a boiler system, potentially placing the plant at risk of breakdown, early repairs and poor efficiency, but also how well KalGUARD performs at limescale control,” commented Hakan Yildiz, Managing Partner for Sentinel Turkey.

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