Making bathing a more colourful experience

Making bathing a more colourful experience

The Rhapsody bathing system from ArjoHuntleigh is now available with an exciting new feature, the Sound and Vision option. This innovative addition effortlessly fuses vibrant colours and soothing music, creating a stimulating bathing experience for people of all ages and abilities.

The pleasant stimulus enhances the power of bathing to calm stressed or anxious patients and residents and as calmer patients require less care resources and medication, Sound and Vision creates benefits that are felt far beyond the bathroom.

Sound and Vision can also be combined with Hydrosound™ and Hydromassage™ helping to transform the bathing area into a safe haven for relaxation and hydrotherapy and further maximising the beneficial effects of bathing.

The entire Rhapsody bathing system is tested and certified by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme which covers undue water consumption, misuse and contamination of the water supply. It also provides fluid category 5 back-flow protection for healthcare premises. The Thermostatic mixing valves fitted to the tubs comply with the requirements of the NHS Specification DO8 and are accredited to the TMV3 Scheme.

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