Making Dirty Air Diffusers And Valves A Thing Of The Past

Making Dirty Air Diffusers And Valves A Thing Of The Past

Fläkt Woods is using nanotechnology to help keep its air diffusers and valves permanently clean.

Dirty supply-and-exhaust air diffusers and valves have become a common and unsightly view in many modern buildings. Fläkt Woods now brings to the market its unique CleanVent® diffusers and valves, with an Avalon® coating which makes the surfaces of air terminal devices soil repellent.

If the valves are not cleaned regularly, it can result in unattractive appearance and a decrease in the quality of indoor climate or an increase in energy consumption.

Thanks to the unique Avalon® coating, the valves stay lastingly clean so there is far less need for maintenance. In addition, when ventilation and valves function as originally planned, the air diffusion and the throw patterns are optimised, and so they also operate more energy efficiently and as economically as possible in terms of life-cycle costs.

CleanVent air terminal devices are particularly useful in places that are difficult to access. Because sometimes diffusers are located in inaccessible places, there is now no need for down-time while they are removed for cleaning, they are simply wiped over from time to time. The CleanVent coating has been also verified to maintain its quality throughout the life span of the valve.

The CleanVent valves do need dusting or vacuuming from time to time, but even then the benefits of the coating becomes noticeable. The dirt can be removed with just light cleaning. The valve does not get dirty as traditional valves do and the dirt does not require strong detergents or abrasion in order to be removed.

The reduction in the required cleaning also increases the occupational safety. Valves that are situated in high, difficult-to-reach places create higher risks of occupational accidents. Valves that need to be cleaned less frequently are a great improvement in the occupational safety.

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