Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University

Client: Manchester Metropolitan University
Type of works: supply and installation of Lotus Professional's SmartOne® toilet-tissue dispensers.

Manchester Metropolitan University has been reaping the rewards from a revolutionary toilet-roll dispenser which has provided a cost-effective and hygienic solution for the washroom. One of the largest education establishments in the UK, MMU is made up of five campuses in Manchester. Hollings Campus is home to over 3,000 students and staff in the Faculty of Food, Clothing and Hospitality Management. With so many people passing through the campus every day, ensuring the washrooms are tidy, well stocked and presentable is a time consuming and demanding job for customer services. This was made worse by the toilets becoming repeatedly blocked with large amounts of toilet roll.

Services Manager, Kath Butterworth, was looking for a solution to prevent over-use, decrease maintenance-time and -costs and provide a pleasant environment: "The washrooms in the main reception and library experience a lot of traffic, not only from the students and staff but also from visitors from outside of the University. It is therefore extremely important to ensure that the toilet paper does not run out and the environment is tidy and pleasant.

"Unfortunately we were having real problems with the toilets being blocked due to people using excessive amounts of toilet roll.This was putting a lot of pressure on staff as the problem continually needed to be rectified and dispensers refilled. We were obviously also concerned about the cost issues of this over-use which is why we decided to try SmartOne®."

Providing the ideal solution for high-traffic washrooms, SmartOne® is a single-sheet toilet-roll dispenser which reduces over-consumption.The controlled dispensing system ensures that visitors cannot pull off reams of toilet roll, therefore dramatically reducing waste. Controlled usage also ensures that the toilet roll lasts longer between refills and reduces the time spent refilling the dispenser. This feature also helps to reduce the risk of unused toilet tissue being left on the washroom floor. Helping to increase hygiene and reduce cross-contamination, the toilet tissue is fully enclosed within the sleek system, ensuring that the user can only touch the single sheet 2-ply tissue that is presented.

"Since SmartOne® was installed in the washrooms we have noticed a real difference. The toilets are no longer becoming blocked as it is harder for users to take more toilet roll than they need and the paper flushes more easily. We have also noticed a reduction in the amount of paper that used to be left all over the floor which has saved the domestic staff a lot of time and effort.

"Overall we have found that toilet-roll consumption has been reduced by up to 50% which will reduce our spend dramatically, an amazing achievement."

John Phillips, Public Sector Manager at Lotus Professional, comments: "SmartOne® is an innovative new product and a really exciting development for Lotus Professional. I’m extremely pleased that it has managed to meet the needs of the University and address the problems that they were experiencing, helping them to reduce waste and improving hygiene and efficiency."

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