Manchester Mills Modern Makeover

Manchester Mills Modern Makeover

With just the four walls, capped services, windows and front doors provided, internally each apartment can be crafted to people’s own individual tastes and styles. Incorporated within the specification are ultra low profile, thermally efficient skylights from specialist manufacturer the Rooflight Company to enhance the city centre development described as a ‘new concept in living’.

Specified by Ronnie Ford of Liverpool-based Ackheion Architects, 41 linked Conservation Rooflights were installed to provide natural light to the mezzanine bed decks. Ronnie Ford explains: “Preserving and enhancing traditional or historic buildings involves taking into account the visual characteristics of original features and matching them as closely as possible, while still conforming to contemporary standards and regulations.” This criteria led to the specification of the Conservation Rooflight®, as it resembles an authentic Victorian skylight but meets or exceeds all current standards of insulation, weather tightness and safety.

Tom Fenton, Associate Director for Urban Splash, explains: “At the Albert Mill, we are pioneering a new concept where the layout, design and construction of the apartments is left entirely up to the individual purchasers, offering the ultimate flexibility to those who desire a truly unique home. Developing cutting edge solutions to modern day living also means delivering sustainable solutions, so we are extremely selective about the products and materials used on our projects. The Conservation Rooflight® meets our requirements in terms of looks and performance, blending in unobtrusively with the existing Victorian architecture.”

As it is a rare and important industrial site, the development retains the language of the former mill building with the use of a strong red brick façade, and many of its original features – such as the steel columns, brickwork and roof beams – have been preserved and incorporated into the apartments. Prices for the shell apartments will start from £150,000 and it is envisaged that apartments will be ready for purchasers to fit out from Spring 2008.

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