Masonry Support Cavitray System Protection at Optimum Level

Masonry Support Cavitray System Protection at Optimum Level

Using a masonry support system requires accompanying dpc protection. Commonly this is incorporated a course or two above the level where support is provided. This is because a higher course offers a clear uninterrupted mortar bed whereas the support course requires the DPC to be stepped and shaped within the bed thickness – a difficult undertaking with roll DPC.

The optimum level for protection when using a steel masonry support system is at the same level as the support itself, and this is now possible using a Masonry Support Cavitray from Cavity Trays of Yeovil.

Protecting at the support level arrests water where cavity is most restricted and where the angled support brackets connect inwardly to the structure. Where pistol bricks are used the preformed Cavitray has a stepped drop lip that follows the shape of the pistol brick lower edge. Thus protection commences and finishes at the lowest and highest extremes of the structural support arrangement.

Water arrested by the shaped Cavitray is evacuated through the external leaf using preformed Caviweeps. With a choice of five designs and a wide range of colours, the number of discharge outlets can be minimised and the visual presence merged with the external finish.

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