Maximum benefits with conventional assembly techniques

Maximum benefits with conventional assembly techniques

For customers of the tried-and-tested FAVORIT and A300 hardware systems, the introduction of the TITAN AF brings a range of competitive advantages. In addition to significant time and cost savings in production, the advantages also include efficient logistics and convincing arguments for winning end consumers. Not only that, but the sophisticated product design guarantees a smooth conversion to the new hardware system and minimises production changes.Clever system design
The clever system design of the TITAN AF opens up new potentials, for example, in fabrication and logistics. With just six components, all window sizes from basic security to WK2 can be rigged. For the fabricator, this small number of components brings significantly lower storage costs. Other advantages are seen during assembly: there is no longer any need for time-consuming cropping of components. The click and couple point is also convincing in terms of fabrication technology, as its extremely quick assembly couldn’t be easier. The components are simply pushed underneath and click independently into the correct position.Unequalled precision
During the development of the TITAN AF, SIEGENIA-AUBI placed great emphasis on compatible construction down to the finest detail. So, for example, the comfort mushroom ensures smooth-running and fault-free operation of the window. With its unique height adjustment, it independently compensates for airgap tolerances of 10 to 15.5 mm and thus reduces the adjustment effort in production, during assembly on site, and in daily use. The comfort mushroom also adapts automatically to changing external conditions, such as temperature fluctuations. This prevents time-consuming and costly complaints.

Another highlight is the secondary sash gear, whose sophisticated technology sets new standards in safety and comfort and gives fabricators additional sales arguments to help win end consumers including integrated displacement protection as well as push-on handle extensions, which guarantee effortless operation. The striker plate system with identical serration dimensions and striker plate positions for primary and secondary sashes also ensures uniformed fabrication.On the path to a TITAN family
The next steps before the TITAN AF will be launched to the market have already been planned. In 2009, the new hardware system will be available worldwide. Customers of SIEGENIA-AUBI will have at their disposal a fittings system for conventional fitting techniques, which will combine the innovations of the TITAN iP and the product advantages of the tried-and-tested FAVORIT and A300 systems. Thus, a TITAN family has been created from the TITAN iP and the TITAN AF, so that the widest ranging individual requirements in window manufacturing can be met in an optimal manner. Initial feedback from the window fabrication industry already shows that the TITAN AF will be a mature system from the outset, whose many advantages will benefit the company’s customers in the form of increased competitiveness.

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