MEGAgrip the Heavy-Duty Commercial Glass Balustrade

MEGAgrip the Heavy-Duty Commercial Glass Balustrade

Currently used throughout the UK in sports stadiums, train stations, airports, music venues and other large capacity venues, MEGAgrip is a great addition to the security team. MEGAgrip uses a variation of our popular POSIglaze patented screw-clamp technology to secure the glass in place.

The system uses a 13mm Hex Bolt and ¼ inch torque wrench and extension arm to tighten the bolts, for a quick and simple installation. Internal glass clamps allow for easy alignment of the glass within the channel, and are compatible with a wide range of glass thicknesses making MEGAgrip one of the most adaptable security balustrade systems on the market today.

MEGAgrip is one of Pure Vista’s top selling balustrade channels. This channel is capable of withstanding extreme force. With certain fortification adjustments, the MEGAgrip channel becomes either bomb-resistant or bullet proof.

MEGAgrip is ideal for use as a public space barrier in busy locations such as transport hubs and venues, where there is a risk of overcrowding, due to this extra safety precaution.

Organisations, architects and designers are now looking for ways of adding additional security to venues, public spaces and other commercial areas. Glass is not often thought about as a protective material, but times and technology have changed!

Glass can now be made incredibly strong, strong enough to not break at all even when next to an explosion. MEGAgrip can be installed and then fortified at a later date if the need arises.

This is a great option for many locations. One of London’s main train stations has opted for this channel due to the fortification option.

Benefits of MEGAgrip
• Glass balustrade is easy to clean and maintain, only needing a mild soapy water solution for general cleaning.
• Glass blends into its surroundings, the chameleon of railing products, allowing increased security in a discreet way.
• MEGAgrip is quick and easy to install and adjust. Dry glazed where no specialized tools are required. Glass can easily be removed and replaced if required.
• Up to 3.00kN loading to BSI standards with heights up to 1800mm
• Patented anti-terror conversion kits
• Completely frameless commercial balustrade
• Fully accredited MEGAgrip is accredited and approved by multiple organisations to verify that it meets national and international building regulations for use as edge protection, where up to 3.00kN force loading is required.
• Suitable for a wide variety of applications With a 3.00kN force loading capability, MEGAgrip is commercially appropriate and can be fortified using a conversion kit into bomb-resistant or bullet proof balustrade.
• Available pre-drilled in Base Mount and Side Mount
• Lightweight and strong Precision engineered using extruded Aluminium with a geometrically hollowed out core, providing an incredible strength to weight ratio. For added protection MEGAgrip is anodised to 25 microns.
• Suitable for glass 25mm- 33mm thicknesses.

This product is also available on NBS source, where you can drag it directly into your project plans.

Read the full MEGAgrip brochure here.

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