Metal Technology 4-20Hi+ casement window achieves an Automatic pass

Metal Technology 4-20Hi+ casement window achieves an Automatic pass

In support of their fabricator network, architectural and main contractor partnerships, Metal Technology has completed severe weather testing on their polyamide thermally enhanced casement window suite using a single actuator and increasing the window width capability to a sash width of 1200mm.

As actuators are regularly specified on casement windows, there is a clear need to provide accurate support and guidance in relation to the weather performance of this Metal Technology product when operated with an actuator.

As part of offering a quality product Metal Technology teamed up with SE controls utilizing their expertise and experience. With their guidance it was agreed the new SECO N actuator should be used. The SECO N actuator provided optimum performance via its programmable compression setting and seal relief.

Test results not only met but greatly exceeded the current requirements of BS 6375-1 2009 with Water achieving E1050 (1050pa), Air Class 4 (600pa) and Wind AE2400 (2400pa). These positive results allow the Metal Technology fabricator network to declare performance under their obligations to CE mark to EN 14351-1 in accordance with the Construction Product Regulations 2013. In addition, the testing gives them compliance with current weathering performance legislation throughout the UK and Ireland .

The Initial Type Test results can only be cascaded and declared on the Declaration of Performance (DoP) if the tested detail is utilised and the size criteria is not exceeded.

The full test report is available from Metal Technology technical department.

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