Metsä Wood Extends Its Family Of Spruce Plywood Panels

Metsä Wood Extends Its Family Of Spruce Plywood Panels

Metsä Wood has grown its range of fully certified and CE marked spruce plywood products. There are four new additions to the range: Spruce Flex, Spruce FireResist, Spruce Phoenix and Spruce MouldGuard.

Metsä Wood Spruce Flex is a coniferous spruce plywood panel with a thermoplastic overlay. It is a multipurpose panel, designed for use in ceiling and wall applications. Available with a white or grey finish it offers a surface that is easy to clean with excellent UV resistance. The thermoplastic overlay combined with the Metsä Wood spruce core results in a product with excellent impact and crack resistance making it suitable for many non-residential interior and exterior applications, such as agricultural buildings, factories and warehouses.

Metsä Wood Spruce FireResist is a surface coated spruce plywood panel, tested to Euroclass B-s1 (flooring) and B-s2 (walls and ceilings), d0 (EN 13501-1) for fire resistance for walls ceilings and floors in internal applications. It carries the CE mark to prove its fire protection properties. This general use panel can be painted with most common oil based paints, varnishes and waxes. In event of fire, FireResist reduces the release of heat and slows down the spread of flame.

Metsä Wood Spruce Phoenix is an aluminum coated spruce plywood product with fire resistant properties. The aluminum coating limits the material’s contribution to fire and flame spread and slows down the charring of the product. It has achieved the highest Euroclass rating possible for wood based products: B-s1, d0 (EN 13501-1). This aluminum coated spruce plywood product offers a great alternative for wall and ceiling structures where improved fire safety is required. Metsä Wood Spruce Phoenix can be installed in dry conditions (use class 1, 2 and 3.1 according to EN 335-1). The surface can be painted or further overlaid with other materials. Commercial and residential timber frame constructions are potential applications for both Metsä Wood Spruce FireResist and Metsä Wood Spruce Phoenix.

Metsä Wood Spruce MouldGuard is a spruce plywood product which is surface impregnated with anti-mould agent. It is suitable for use in class 2 and 3.1 conditions such as attics, roofs, cellars and ground floors where it can be used for demanding wall, roof and floor structures as well as for other construction applications. The mould-protective agent is fully tested to hazard class 3 (EN 599-1), and has been tested for effectiveness against rot (EN 113 (rot) and blue stain (EN 152-1).

All Metsä Wood spruce plywood panels are sourced from fully PEFC certified forests and are Chain of Custody audited. They all carry the relevant CE mark, in readiness for compliance with the new harmonised European standards.

Darren Pack, Head of Merchant Sales for Metsä Wood, explains: “The expansion of our spruce plywood range offers merchants and trade professionals a comprehensive selection of panel products for a broad range of project applications. Because all the panels are sustainable, legally sourced and fully tested for their performance they carry the correct markings, including the relevant CE marking.”

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