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MicroLouvre™ reduces risk in care facilities

MicroLouvre™ reduces risk in care facilities

MicroLouvre™ sunscreens are an ideal solution for healthcare facilities.

The sun is a free source of natural light but leaving fenestration unprotected can allow glare and visual discomfort.

High indoor temperatures, due to unwanted solar heat gain, can have health implications such as increases in stress and blood pressure and can facilitate the transmission of infection and diseases; an especially significant risk in healthcare environments.

As such, MicroLouvre™ is a product perfectly suited for Hospitals, Care Homes, Nursing Homes and Clinics as it provides the required level of control allowing the harvesting of daylight to reduce artificial lighting and improve well-being and productivity, as well as reducing solar heat gain.

MicroLouvre™ allows open windows, to provide cooling breezes, whilst the hot sun, glare, insects, noise and prying eyes are all kept out.

The construction of new, energy efficient health care facilities is underway all over the world, but these new developments only account for a small fraction of the global healthcare facility stock.

Retrofitting MicroLouvre™ sunscreens are an ideal solution for healthcare facilities. to existing buildings and maximizing their efficiency, is an economic way to meet, current and future, energy and climate goals.

With new buildings, MicroLouvre™ creates a cool comfortable interior that benefits from natural lighting as well as reducing punitive air conditioning energy costs from day one

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