Mitsubishi cuts the cost of replacing older R22 VRF air conditioning systems

Mitsubishi cuts the cost of replacing older R22 VRF air conditioning systems

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has developed 'R22 Renew' to cut the cost of replacing older R22 VRF air conditioning systems to comply with refrigerant legislation. With R22 Renew it's possible to retain the existing R22 pipework, and often to re-use the existing indoor units, as part of a new R410a VRF system with a new FDCR outdoor unit from MHI.

Legislation is already in place to phase out old ozone-depleting R22 refrigerant in the bid to minimise global warming. The use of virgin R22 for servicing old systems was banned in January 2010, putting pressure on stocks of recycled R22 and pushing up the price of servicing. A complete ban on the use of reclaimed or recycled R22 comes into force from December 2014, effectively making old R22 systems unserviceable. MHI Sales Manager Des Franklin says the cost of replacing old R22 air conditioning equipment is causing concern for many companies, particularly in the current economic climate. He comments: “R22 compliance is not an option, it's the law. So we’re doing all we can to develop innovative solutions to keep older VRF systems working. Our new R22 Renew package for VRF systems allows you to re-use existing pipework, and indoor units, with our new KX FDCR R410a outdoor units This could save more than 50% of the cost of completely ripping out an old system to make way for an all-new R410a system.”

The R22 Renew package consists of two elements: an R22 oil scavenge removal sump and isolator valve kit; and a new FDCR outdoor unit which charges the existing system with new R410a. The scavenge sump can be hired from one of MHI’s distributors. It is connected to the existing R22 pipe system to capture and remove R22 refrigeration oil from the pipe run as it is pumped dry by the old outdoor unit. Once decontaminated, the pipework and new indoor units are ready to receive a new FDCR VRF outdoor unit which is specifically designed by MHI to operate on existing R22 pipework.

MHI is launching the R22 Renew package with 8HP or 10HP FDCR outdoor units to match the capacity of older MHI R22 units. These units come factory-fitted with regulators to ensure the R410a refrigerant pressure does not exceed the capacity of the old pipework, but the installer is advised to consult the distributor or MHI technical department to ensure safe operating compatibility. Alternatively, if budget allows, investing in the latest MHI KX indoor units will enable companies to optimise the efficiency benefits of their new R410a outdoor units.

MHI’s new R22 Renew package for VRF systems offers companies a cost-effective way to upgrade to an R410a system by eliminating the need to install new pipe runs and minimising disruption on site during switchover. The scavenge sump is available to hire from MHI’s UK distributors and is easy to connect and remove by use of a flexible pipe. The cleaning process is completed simply by running the old system using its R22 compressor.

For more information about the different R22 replacement solutions available from MHI, including options for Split Systems and AHU installations, as well as advice on compliance, please visit

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