Mitsubishi Heavy Launches New Full-Size KX6 VRF Range

Mitsubishi Heavy Launches New Full-Size KX6 VRF Range

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Europe (MHIE) has announced a major expansion to its KX6 VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) range of air conditioning systems, offering an industry-leading combination of efficiency, installation flexibility, and compact dimensions. Following the success of its KX6 Compact range in 2009 (11.2-33.5kW), MHIE has now launched eight new ‘full size’ KX6 heat pump models (33.5-68kW) which can be paired to configure systems with capacities up to 136kW. A catalogue of new indoor units also replaces the outgoing KX4 range, with size reductions or detail improvements in almost every model.

Mitsubishi Heavy’s KX6 Compact VRF range introduced higher efficiency combined with very compact dimensions, and the new higher output KX6 models continue to set the benchmark for energy efficiency and space saving. Smaller dimensions in the new range make units easier to transport, and they can be installed and maintained more easily where space is at a premium.

Compared with the previous KX4 range, which was regarded as a highly efficient system in its own right, the advances in technology that come with MHIE’s KX6 offer even greater flexibility in installation and operation. KX6 achieves Class A ratings for energy efficiency, with industry leading Coefficients of Performance (COP) of up to 4.33 – which ensure reduced running costs and reduced environmental impact. New compressors, heat exchangers and inverter controls contribute to the greater efficiency of the new KX6 models. Other improvements over previous models include a new refrigerant system control, more efficient DC fan motors, a redesigned three blade fan, and a compact integrated PCB which needs a smaller control box.

In addition to greater permissible pipe-runs - up from 510 to 1,000m - and a piping length after the first branch which has more than doubled to 90m, the maximum height difference between indoor units is up from 15 to 18m. Maximum vertical separation of outdoor and indoor units is 50m. Even the length of electrical wiring is increased by 50% to a maximum 1,500m.

The new KX6 range permits at least 130% connectability, with some outdoor unit configurations supporting increased maximum connectable capacity of up to 200%. There is now an indoor unit range of 15 types in a variety of capacities, making 77 models in total.
The complete range of KX6 indoor units from cassettes to ceiling suspended, wall mounts and floor standing units, uses MHIE’s Superlink II control logic. Maintenance of optimum performance is made much simpler by the system’s self-diagnostic capability, which checks piping and wiring, refrigerant volume and service valve operation.

MHIE Sales Manager, David Lettis, says, “Continuous improvement is key to giving our customers the best possible solution for their applications. When we launched the KX6 Compact VRF for smaller buildings it offered all the energy-saving benefits of VRF for the price of a good splits system. This new ‘full size’ KX6 range takes another step towards leading the market with smaller units, greater design flexibility, and outright best-in-class efficiency improvements. MHI now has a VRF portfolio that’s second-to-none.”

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is one of the largest of the 200 or so independent companies within the Mitsubishi community. Today, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd has 32,500 employees and annual sales of over £20 billion, ranging from air conditioning to aerospace, and from power systems to shipbuilding. In the UK, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners are available through distributors HRP Ltd and 3D Air Sales Ltd. For further information, see

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