Mobile unit can help you take control of your energy use

Mobile unit can help you take control of your energy use

Mitsubishi Electric has released details of a special mobile display unit which has been developed specifically to allow the company to take its range of advanced air conditioning control systems out to customers’ buildings.

The display contains all of the companies most popular control systems from the M2M platform which allows customers to integrate multiple sites into one network, to the advanced AG150 touch screen controller with webserver capabilities and energy meter interfaces showing operators the full potential of energy monitoring.

“We have developed this display so that we can easily demonstrate to customers how effective control of their air conditioning system can help lead to lower energy use,” explains Mitsubishi Electric’s controls expert, Sebastien Desmottes.

Mitsubishi Electric has led the way in advanced air conditioning controls and in addition to general systems which include touch screen controls that mean building operators can easily monitor and control their energy use, the company has developed specialist systems such as Melcotel™, which can integrate with hotel room systems to ensure that rooms are not using air conditioning when they are empty.

In addition, Mitsubishi Electric has the largest BMS interface range of any air conditioning manufacturer and has also developed air conditioning controllers that can monitor and link to other energy-using equipment such as lighting and alarm systems.

“According to the Building Research Establishment, UK buildings account for 44 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions which is more than industry or transport so anyone involved in the built environment needs to find ways of controlling and minimising their energy use,” adds Desmottes. “This mobile system will allow us to respond to customer’s requests and show them the benefits of advanced control in their own premises.”

Historically, the capital costs of equipment and installation drove purchasing decisions and few people gave much thought to on-going running costs. But ‘fit and forget’ is no longer an option if we are to deliver greener, more energy efficient and more economical buildings that can also help building owners control costs.

Improving the monitoring, control and data reporting of our heating and cooling equipment is perhaps the single most impactful enhancement we can make and with today’s increasingly predictive systems, the benefits are easy to achieve too.

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