Mobilix, Denmark

Type of works: supply and installation of Airedale Sentinel packaged air conditioning units.

Mobilix is one of four telecoms operators in Denmark. Launched by France Telecom Mobiles International in March 1998, Mobilix provides a full service for fixed and mobile phones and the internet. With the global expansion of mobile phone and internet users, Mobilix is constantly expanding its network coverage and building more switching rooms and mobile phone retail outlets throughout Denmark. Installations were carried out by Glenco, Airedale’s International Business Partner in Denmark.

The Mobilix switching rooms required close control air conditioning to protect the switches and equipment which handle an enormous amount of calls each day. The air conditioning equipment in the rooms needed to offer a free cooling option and also be vandal proof.

Glenco installed Airedale Sentinel units in eight switching rooms throughout Denmark. As a packaged unit the Sentinel is situated inside the switching rooms with no risk of vandalism. The Sentinel is part of Airedale’s Close Control range and is specifically designed for telecommunication environments where there are high heat generating loads. The units are air cooled and include integral evaporators and condensers.

A key characteristic of Airedale’s Sentinel unit is the outside air free cooling cycle. The unit has an outside air damper which is capable of supplying 100% outdoor air into the switching rooms when the external temperature is low enough to satisfy the cooling requirement. Further energy efficiency considerations include the compressor "off" mode during full free cooling. "By saving energy, we are saving money, therefore reducing payback time dramatically" comments Jesper Hagel Andersen, Technical Premises Project Manager at Mobilix.

Customer comfort is a priority in the Mobilix retail outlets. "We needed low noise air conditioning which was unobtrusive to our customers," adds Andersen.

Complete air conditioning systems were installed for the retail outlets which included ceiling cassettes, with the non-ozone depleting refrigerant R407C, and condensing units to provide a constant level of customer comfort. "The cassettes are perfect for the retail outlets. They are low noise and have a slimline fascia with both heating and cooling providing comfort all year round " explains Anderson. The Answer cassettes are available in both chilled water and DX with cooling capacities of 2-12kW. Mobilix required outdoor condensing units with a small footprint. Airedale’s CU1 – CUS4 condensing units have a cooling capacity range of 2.8-13kW and are the ideal solution for a split system such as the cassette. The condensing units have pressure actuated close loop fan speed controllers which allow modulation of the fan speed for improved energy efficiency.

"With the increasing number of customers Mobilix are serving, and the increasing number of calls being handled, we needed a precise air cooling system to keep the equipment in our IT rooms in optimum condition" explains Andersen.

Airedale has supplied four AlphaCools and four condensers to the IT rooms at Mobilix HQ in Copenhagen. The AlphaCools are single circuit with 28kW cooling capacity, R407C and microprocessor controls. The downflow option returns air above the ceiling and is, therefore, quieter.

"We have been confident in the capability of Airedale’s units especially with regard to the environment, energy efficiency and customer comfort." Anderson concludes "as we increase the number of retail outlets and switching rooms we will continue to increase the number of Airedale units."

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