MOJ compliant anti-ligature guards now available

MOJ compliant anti-ligature guards now available

Contour has launched new design range of their MoJ/IP3x compliant anti-ligature radiator guards, which are now available to order with delivery lead times of only 15 days.

Contour’s anti-ligature radiator guards are ideal for use in secure environments including mental health facilities. The new design range uses an ‘all-in-one’ ventilation grille pattern perforated directly into the radiator case rather than a mesh welded separately onto the case interior.

As well as improving the overall aesthetic of the radiator guard, an integrated grill design makes the whole guard stronger by reducing the number of potential weak points, such as mesh spot welds. This subsequently reduces the opportunities for tamper points and damage.

The new all-in-one anti-ligature grille design uses 2mm holes at 4mm centres. This design has now been tested and certified by a UKAS accredited laboratory and effectively exceeds IP3x standards (BS EN 60529). This tests materials for protection against the ingress of objects greater than 2.5mm in diameter – which could include the width of a shoelace for example.

To ensure the suitability and conformance of guards for use in the most demanding of secure environments such UK prisons, police and other custodial facilities, Contour has also addressed the the grille hole pattern. The grille design uses holes 2mm in diameter with the centres at 4mm, meeting the requirement laid out in The Home Office Police Buildings Design Guide – Custody, July 2009, section PD3.02.14.

The replacement of an anti-ligature mesh with the all-in-one grille, has increased the surface area available for airflow by over 15%, raising effectiveness of the convection process and improving heating efficiency. The grille pattern is maximised across the surface of guards employing the new grille and is applied consistently across the whole guard, including on the under surfaces such as the base of access doors, where applicable.

Contour anti-ligature guards are manufactured from mild steel available in various thicknesses ranging from 1.5mm to 3mm depending on the installation environment.

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