Moorland School, Clitheroe

Moorland School, Clitheroe

Video showing Progeny's P3 access control system at Moorland School

With security high on the agenda Moorland School headteacher Jonathan Harrison looked to Progeny Access Control to provide an efficient, cost effective and manageable solution to it's access control and security needs. After a survey of the site and an audit of how access should be managed and monitored to ensure safety for pupils, staff and equipment Progeny's class leading online P3 system was chosen.

P3 online was selected for several reasons; one of the key features is the system’s ability to grow according to the application needs. It is efficient and cost-effective and in conjunction with the hugely popular Crystal readers allows access via a number of mechanisms ideally suited to a school such as Moorland.

Currently over 60 doors are being managed by the system and access is achieved via a combination of sticky dots, key fobs, cards and ID badges. As well as the teaching staff and school management being able to freely move throughout the school using these methods all students have been equipped with an entry card thus improving access throughout the school and helping to increase efficiency of movement equating to more time spent in the class room.

Jonathan Harrison, Head Teacher at Moorland School has been delighted with the installation, commenting on the P3 online system Johnathan said “students and house parents have all commented that they feel safe, and that their belongings and personal space is far more protected than before. The P3 system allows the senior leadership team to track students and staff across the school site, and we are planning to embed the system into our school attendance policy, as the software used by the system allows detailed reports to be produced, such as time in and time out” Jonathan went onto say that he feels comfortable in the knowledge that the schools most valuable assets are protected “safeguarding children is our greatest responsibility and therefore our greatest risk. I have embedded the Progeny access control system as our first line of defence in the safeguarding and protection of the children and adults within our community."

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