MULTI elevator set to take commuting to next level

MULTI elevator set to take commuting to next level

The MULTI, designed by thyssenkrupp Elevator, is claimed to be the world’s first horizontal/vertical elevator. It increases passenger shaft capacity by enabling multiple cabins to travel safely up and down in a single continuous loop, much like a circular shuttle.

With over 1.34 billion passengers using the London Underground every year, moving people around easily has become a challenge. The 360 degree elevator design will xplore how the Tube network could look in 2025.

The lift uses multiple motor-powered cabins to move the shafts vertically and horizontally, and is able to turn on corners. Cabins are on constant loops to let more people inside at once, with one arriving every 15 to 30 seconds The lifts are offered as a “potential solution to improve efficiency and mobility in the London Underground network”.

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