Multi-function Controls: Services and Environmental Monitoring

Multi-function Controls: Services and Environmental Monitoring

Medem's SEC can monitor the carbon dioxide level and temperature to control area ventilation in commercial kitchens and laboratories. This means there are cash savings because the ventilation rate is based on occupancy and activities such as cooking or Bunsen burner use. Where the CO2 level rises above prescribed limits, the system can isolate a gas supply. The limit is variable depending upon the application and prevailing legislation or guidance.

The SEC has been designed to accept a multiple of gas detectors including natural and LPG gases, carbon monoxide, oxygen depletion and rise, as well as CO2. Isolation of gas will occur upon detection of the target gases at prescribed levels. In the case of a nitrogen supply into a laboratory, isolation would occur when loweredoxygen levels are detected.

Using the patented differential pressure proving method, the SEC can test low pressure gas and natural/LPG gas pipe work. It can also pressure prove a variety of gas delivery lines including oxygen up to 10bar. Overpressure can also be monitored and reported on the LCD display.

To meet current regulations, the system can interlock any mechanical ventilation with a gas supply, ensuring all fans are operating before gas is used.

Design and support features include:

• Control of mechanical ventilation levels depending on carbon dioxide level and temperature.
• Interlocking of mechanical ventilation with the gas supply by current monitoring or PD switches.
• Gas detection for natural gas, LPG, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen depletion and oxygen level rise.
• Gas pressure proving for natural and LPG gas, oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene and others both low pressure and up to 10bar.
• Industry leading five year warranty or 10 years when commissioned by Medem UK.

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