Myriad Group, Manchester

Myriad Group, Manchester

Client: Myriad Group, Manchester
Type of works: supply of acoustic wall art, plain wall panels and acoustic suspended-ceiling panels.

These offices are situated in a beautiful 140 year old Grade II listed building in Didsbury.

Like many old buildings, the rooms are predominantly made up of reflective surfaces including solid plastered walls with wooden ceilings. While this results in a beautiful space to work in, the acoustics within many of the spaces rendered them practically unusable. The primary reason being excessive reverberation, elevating the noise levels and making it impossible to communicate.

Reverberation analysis was carried out for all rooms in question and the amount of absorption required to meet optimal reverberation was specified. Since it was important not to compromise the aesthetics of this building, the primary product used to increase the absorption in these spaces was acoustic wall art. Plain wall panels and acoustic suspended ceiling panels with integral lighting were also installed into some of the rooms.

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