Naturally brighter landing solutions

Naturally brighter landing solutions

The Solarspot tubular daylighting system from Syneco has been installed to light up a landing space in a home. Whether by evolution or design, halls and landings are usual at the back of the window queue. This is primarily due to the fact that there are no current building regulations stating that there has to be, where possible, a provision for daylight in transitional areas of building such as corridors, stairs, landings etc. Dark halls and landings are at best depressing, at worst dangerous

The future of these is significantly brighter with the addition of a Solarspot tubular skylight. The installation of a Solarspot system can usually be carried out in any dark landing or stairwell that has a roof void above. Systems are usually fitted in a day with no mess or need for redecoration. The example in this case study is typical of thousands of homes across the UK. Despite being a large four bedroom property, all of the rooms lead off the central landing so there was no outside wall space for a window. The owners had initially thought about installing a Velux window and then creating a light box from the window to the ceiling.

The owners said "The Velux was our initial choice. Then a friend told us about something they’d seen at a relatives house. Following a quick whizz around the internet we discovered Solarspot and arranged for a local fitter to come round. The costs were around a third of the Velux and the job was done in a morning. We also opted for the integrated light kit so that we could dispense with our rather unsightly pendent lamp. This allows us to use the system at night - and saves on the dusting.”

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