New adhesive system for elastomeric insulation materials

New adhesive system for elastomeric insulation materials

Armacell recently launched a completely new generation of adhesives which make the installation process even easier and allow elastomeric insulation materials to be used in projects with the highest environmental and health standards.

New thixotropic (gel-like) adhesives such as the new Armaflex RS850 are drip-resistant and guarantee neat application which has advantages for awkward installations where spillages would be hard to contain. The gel consistency and viscosity of these products provides a great benefit when working overhead or when it is important that the insulation is not soiled by drips of adhesive.

When energy is applied to the adhesive it is activated, the flow behaviour changes and the viscosity falls and can be spread like a traditional contact adhesive: thinly and evenly over the whole surface area. The product’s gel-like condition prevents it from spilling if the container is overturned.

The new adhesive systems are the result of focused research and development work and have undergone rigorous application tests. They are specifically developed for the various Armaflex materials and are subject to continuous quality inspections by Armacell’s quality management system.

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