New bench radiator from Hudevad

New bench radiator from Hudevad

HUDEVAD has launched CONSILIO – a bench radiator that combines functionality with stylish furniture design.

The CONSILIO design is the result of a close collaboration between an architect, Ribe Jernindustri’s architect consultant and Ribe Jernindustri’s customer suppor department. The tappings have been positioned so all associated pipework and valves are concealed beneath the bench. Visually, the design is smooth and aesthetically pleasing, allowing simple integration with the architecture of the room. CONSILIO is also very easy to install with no underside connections and an integrated thermostatic valve.

CONSILIO is the Latin word for ”deliberate” or ”intentional”. CONSILIO also evokes an association with the English word ”conceal”. For these two reasons, CONSILIO is an appropriate name for a radiator where the pipes and valves are concealed and is more a piece of furniture than a radiator.


One of the most fitting keywords for CONSILIO is robustness. All materials have been selected for their strength and quality. The flat vertical surfaces of the radiators are welded rather than clipped on to a standard model where they are only loosely attached. Several of the CONSILIO components can be replaced quickly and easily if vandalised.

Schools and day-care facilities

CONSILIO is intended for buildings where extremely durable fittings are required. Thanks to its robustness, CONSILIO is ideal for schools, day-care centres and changing rooms in sport centres.

Youth housing

CONSILIO is also unrivalled for rooms which must be fully utilised. Student accommodation is a typical example. The bench radiator frees up wall space and provides a functional piece of furniture which also heats the room efficiently.


CONSILIO functionality is emphasised by its many well-thought-out details:
• By using special tappings, for example, the thermostatic valve and sensor head have been concealed beneath the bench. Besides giving these components physical protection, the solution is an important element in the functional design.
• CONSILIO is also designed to ensure that all loads resulting from standing or sitting on the bench are transferred to the floor via the legs rather than through the water-carrying parts of the radiator.

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