New BPC Masonry Crack Repair System

New BPC Masonry Crack Repair System

BPC Building Products has launched Powatwist™, an innovative permanent crack repair system for masonry.

PowaTwist™ from BPC Building Products is a fast, non-disruptive repair method for stabilised masonry that eliminates the need to rebuild and minimises the likelihood of further cracking.

The PowaTwist™ system consists of stainless steel PowaTwist™ Bars and PowaTwist™ Grout. In combination they provide axial strength and bonding characteristics when reconnecting cracked masonry.

Cracks in masonry are a common problem in new and older buildings due to a variety of reasons including ground settlement, temperature fluctuations, damp, wind loadings plus many others.

The stainless steel helical-design of the PowaTwist™ Bars provide greater effectiveness in tackling these cracks, when used with PowaTwist™ Grout, because it distributes the load over the entire length of the PowaTwist™ bar. This ensures no load and tension concentration.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the system is suitable for aggressive environments and no additional plates, screws and fixings are required.

PowaTwist™ Grout is suitable for injection with an applicator gun and is especially formulated for use with PowaTwist™ bars. The Grout completely fills all voids and develops strength rapidly.

The PowaTwist™ bar is available in 6mm diameter x 1000mm lengths as standard, or 1.5m and 3m lengths to order, in 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm or 10mm diameter. The grout is available in individual 3 litre tubs.

Alternatively, the PowaTwist™ systems is available as a kit (10no. 6mm x 1000mm bars, 1no. 3 litre tub of grout, gun, stainless steel nozzle, mixing paddle, finger trowel).

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