New Cavity Closer: Improved Thermal Efficiency for Cavity Widths up to 330mm

New Cavity Closer: Improved Thermal Efficiency for Cavity Widths up to 330mm

New triple-layered Cavity Closer. Wider cavity widths are addressed using caviclosers from the new Maxi range of Type WCA closers manufactured by Cavity Trays of Yeovil. All WCA models (Wide Cavity Applications) close the reveal, act as a vertical dpc and provide thermal zoning between skins.

The main body of the WCA Maxi closer is triple-layered. It consists of a robust 50mm insulating foam core over layered on three sides with a reflective foil on a bubble barrier with a finishing face of heavy duty low conductivity petheleyne. This multi-layer combination is efficient, benefits a radiance screen and convection separator and promotes thermal contact resistance. These are the first multi-layered caviclosers for very wide cavities available in the United Kingdom. Cavity widths up the 330mm accommodated. Bespoke service available for unusual sizes.

Initially available to suit cavity widths up to 330mm, the WCA Maxi range is suitable for use in both traditional and timber frame construction. The closer may be built in as walls are raised or alternatively introduced at second-fix stage in the build programme. To secure the closer in place two options are offered: Conventional tying-in using the accompanying wall ties or direct fixing through the outer edge moulded sections.

Rather than being moulded together, the Maxi range sides are independent of each other, being friction linked via the insulating core. This arrangement is more accommodating and recognizes that any axis of movement between the outer and inner skins is more pronounced as the distance between skins becomes greater. (The co-efficient of expansion of some skin types (such as timber) varies considerably compared with conventional masonry).

The Type WCA Maxi range may be used to close straight and checked reveals within cavity walls. For straight reveals the closer is supplied with projecting sections to overlay both inner and outer skins. For checked reveals the closer is supplied with one of the projecting sections (that normally overlays the outer skin masonry) removed, permitting the closer to terminate against the inner face of that outer skin. Always specify clearly the type of reveal you are constructing.

Maxi Range material typical data / analysis:

Housing UPVC recycled
Foam core 0.033W/mK - 0.038W/mK
Radiant screen on bubble barrier thermal
resistance 1.455W/M2K
Radiance /reflectivity >97%
Pethyleyne 0.12 W/mK
CFC free and zero ODP.
Ties polypropleyne low conductivity
Standard 2400mm lengths in cavity widths from 150mm up to 330mm.

The new WCA Maxi range is available now.
All models promote improved robustness, rigidity and thermal contact resistance.

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