New CIRIA guidance on sustainable procurement in construction

New CIRIA guidance on sustainable procurement in construction

Due to industry demand, CIRIA is set to produce definitive industry guidance on sustainable procurement in construction. This issue is highlighted in the joint government and industry Strategy for Sustainable Construction one-year on report as a key priority for the sector. However, to achieve high standards of sustainable procurement throughout the supply chain can be a complex task. There are many diverse sources of information on specific aspects, but a lack of cohesive, overarching industry-led guidance.

Not seeking to replicate existing guidance, the document will involve stakeholders from across the public and private sectors, and provide an holistic perspective on the key issues and principles of sustainable procurement in construction. It will cover a broad definition of sustainable procurement, from social issues to materials sourcing, and will be developed using CIRIA's tried-and-tested format for gaining industry consensus.

The up-coming conference being held by CIRIA's sustainability network, the CIEF, will begin the process of raising industry awareness and bringing key industry players together to produce a definitive industry guide.

If you are interested in being involved in this important project, or simply need an update on current thinking in sustainable procurement for construction, come along to the conference in London on the 22 October, or contact Susan Steensma at CIRIA at for further details.

Sustainable procurement is becoming increasingly important to clients from both the Government and private sectors, as greater pressure mounts to demonstrate sustainability and manage risk in their supply chain. However, understanding sustainable procurement can be a complex business for both clients and suppliers.

Keynote speaker Shaun McCarthy, Chair of the Commission for Sustainabile London 2012 and Director of the leading sustainable procurement consultancy Action Sustainability comments, "As we prepare for the Copenhagen Summit in December 2010 and the Earth Summit in 2012, the construction industry will come under increasing pressure to address its substantial impact on the environment and society as a whole. This conference explores the latest developments in sustainable procurement and will provide new information about forthcoming standards and guidance for best practice which will change the way we manage our supply chains in future".

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