New Flotex Metro: A choice not a compromise

New Flotex Metro: A choice not a compromise

As the popularity of modular products grows, the new Flotex Metro range in tile (and sheet) format from Forbo Flooring Systems, is perfectly suited to meeting this demand.

As the popularity of modular products grows, the new Flotex Metro range in tile (and sheet) format from Forbo Flooring Systems, is perfectly suited to meeting this demand. The range offers a brighter palette of colours in a more understated pattern that conveys colour and texture without definite form, for a wider appeal – easily fitting into more integrated and modular concepts. Plus, it is the only textile floor covering to be approved by Allergy UK, as with the correct cleaning regime, it will not harbour house dust mites or pet allergens - having a positive impact on the life of allergy sufferers.

Flotex has already proven itself as a unique floor covering combining the benefits of resilient flooring and carpet. With the launch of the new Metro range a new textile like aesthetic has been created that takes Flotex in a new design direction. Its understated appearance and indefinite form lends itself to heavily trafficked spaces such as reception areas, corridors and lobbies in hotels, offices and leisure facilities.

Metro comprises 24 colourways with 14 new contemporary trend colours such as lagoon, cocoa, pebble and moss, which makes this Flotex collection a versatile and design-led choice for a wider range of interiors. Available in 50 x 50cm tiles along with 2m wide sheet, the tiles can also be installed to achieve a broadloom effect or tessellated for an unusual chequerboard pattern, as well as working with other modular products as part of an integrated solution.

Flotex Metro tiles have a recycled content of 59% by weight, while Flotex sheet is the only flocked floor covering to have been assessed under the BREEAM scheme and achieves an A+ rating. Committed to making a significant reduction in its overall Life Cycle Analysis of 25 percent by 2015, Forbo’s approach is based on applying the 4 R’s: Reduce, Renewable, Reuse, Recycle, meanwhile the use of green design principles means there is less installation wastage, as Flotex Metro does not have a pattern repeat.

“The philosophy for Metro is quite different from our other Flotex ranges,” says Jason Holmes, Head of Textile Design at Forbo Flooring Systems. “We have created an effect of colour and texture that offers a new look for the product, one that is inherently more textile like and more generic in its pattern, but employs trend shades. Flotex Metro is not trying to replicate a carpet; instead it combines the benefits of both a textured product and a resilient. It's definitely a choice - not a compromise.”

What makes Flotex unique is its composition. It’s made from millions of electrostatically flocked fibres creating a floor covering that looks and feels like a carpet – it has the warmth, comfort and acoustic properties of a carpet, but is as hard wearing and washable as resilient coverings. The other important benefit of Flotex is that it has been awarded the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval. The flooring’s composition allows it to trap allergens and safely release them to standard vacuum cleaners. Tests have shown that twice as many allergens are removed from Flotex when vacuumed compared to conventional carpets. Unlike carpet, the antimicrobial sanitized treatment also provides protection against mould and odours while still delivering a comfortable and quiet environment.

These unparalleled benefits combined with the introduction of new trend colours and a textile like appearance, makes Flotex Metro the right choice for a wide variety of interiors.

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