New from Berry Systems - System 3 - The Car Park Edge Protection Barrier

New from Berry Systems - System 3 - The Car Park Edge Protection Barrier

System 3 is a new development from Berry Systems for perimeter edge protection in car parks. The system consists of tensioned steel bars that are anchored to the structural steel columns of the car park. Infill panels with anti-climb mesh and integrated handrails complete the installation. The system is ‘locked off’ at each column location and, where suitable columns are not available, the Berry Flexi-Bollard can be employed to give absolute design flexibility and even lower deflection levels when subjected to an impact. In such circumstances the steel bars can be easily and speedily replaced if necessary.

System 3 solves three traditional problems associated with car park barriers. Firstly it has a zero footprint in the car park bay giving operators more usable space. Secondly it is fast and economic to repair after an impact and thirdly it is much more aesthetically pleasing than traditional barriers. Berry’s full range of infill panel options are also available from wire mesh to screen printed panels to give specifiers and car park operators the ultimate choice of style and colour.

But System 3 goes beyond this and also provides three key advantages for specifiers and car park operators. It is independently tested to BS 6399 (and other industry recommendations). The low deflection on impact means barriers will not foul other components of the building such as external cladding and the system is very low maintenance.

Finally System 3 provides 3 clear benefits for users. The integrated anti-climb mesh and handrail also features non ‘snagging’ panels to protect pedestrians against torn clothing and skin abrasions. The system gives on impact so there’s no damage to vehicles from gentle knocks and, in the same way, System 3 reduces damage from serious impacts and so reduces potential injuries to drivers and passengers.

Independent dynamic impact tests were carried out at Mira to BS6399 on 7.5m column centres and 2.5m centres with Flexi-Bollards. The reduced impact deflection figures make System 3 attractive for both new build and refurbishment projects.

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