New generation split conditioning units from Wine Corner

New generation split conditioning units from Wine Corner

Following extensive research and testing, Wine Corner is pleased to launch the Wine SP40 range of conditioning units. These split conditioning units have been developed to meet the changing needs of the wine industry and the latest in wine cellar and wine cabinet design. The Wine SP40 includes conditioning units for wine cellars; the Wine SP40DU and conditioning units for bespoke wine cabinets; the Wine SP40CA.

The Wine SP40DU is specifically for wine cellars up to 40m3 and offers:
• Unobtrusive positioning
• Constant temperature regulation by heating or cooling
• Controlled humidity levels
• Adjustable temperature control from 4°C to 15°C
• Low noise levels
• Automatic defrosting
• Serial reheating

To protect your wine further, these conditioning units also incorporate:
• Pressure-controlled expansion valve and speed regulator
• Pressure-controlled safety switches for low and high pressure
• Check valve
• Heating belt
• Metal dust filter

The Wine SP40DU is available in three versions: the basic Split Conditioning Unit, for connections over a maximum distance of 20m horizontally and 10m vertically, and two models with insulated pre-charged flexible connecting lines, 4m or 8m in length, for simple installation between the indoor and outdoor locations. Combining all the features and benefits of the Wine SP40DU, the Wine SP40CA has been designed specifically for the conditioning of bespoke wine cabinets. The Wine SP40CA is also available in three versions like the SP40DU.

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