New Hörmann Thermo 67 sectional doors

New Hörmann Thermo 67 sectional doors

The new Hörmann, Thermo SPU 67, APU 67 and ALR 67 models are further developments of the recently introduced 50 series sectional door range. Developed to meet the demand for improved thermal insulation, from operators and architects alike, these doors all feature a 67mm deep profile that incorporates thermal breaks between sections, to offer even better U-values.

The improved insulation, that these latest additions to the range offer, means that the SPU 67 Thermo door is set to replace the double insulated DPU door that has been the mainstay of the frozen and chilled sector. The more compact, new generation door has the additional benefit of an even more competitive price, making it an appealing choice for ambient as well as frozen and chilled operations. These double skinned steel doors with rigid polyurethane infill are offered in the same finishes and colours as the standard, 42mm thick, SPU doors to ensure uniformity of appearance.

The APU 67 Thermo is an aluminium glazed door with a steel bottom panel. Ideal for vehicle workshops these doors allow in natural light while the robust bottom panels helps to make this option easier to service and repair. Hörmann's unique, scratch resistant, Duratec triple glazed panels are standard, however quadruple Duratec glazing and twin pane climatic glass are options dependent upon the level of insulation required.

Similar glazing options are offered with the fully glazed ALR 67 Thermo, which is ideal for car showrooms, for example. With coloured glazing also an option, these aluminium doors have been used in a number of applications to match the overall design of a building without compromising energy savings.

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