New Marketeer Points To Hard Cash Benefits Of Going Green

New Marketeer Points To Hard Cash Benefits Of Going Green

Mitsubishi Electric’s new Marketing Manager, Richard Cooper has started his role for the environmental systems manufacturer by highlighting the financial benefits that energy efficiency can bring to businesses.

Mr Cooper (42) who brings more than 15 years experience within blue chip companies to the position, sees the current global uncertainties and economic pressures as an incentive for business to examine environmental aspects rather than turn away from them.

“When the going gets tough companies naturally look at where they can cut costs and in the past, this has meant that things like the ‘environment’ or ‘being green’ have lost their importance during times of turbulence,” he explained. “However, anyone who properly examines their energy use can find simple ways of cutting consumption quickly which can lead to a real reduction in the size of their next fuel bills.”

Simple things such as improving the basic maintenance of equipment so that it is working at maximum efficiency or reviewing controls and set-points for thermostats can make a real, tangible difference.

“The case studies we have completed in support of customers such as HSBC and others clearly demonstrate that a focus on the environment can actually save companies money right now and help preserve the bottom line,” he added.

A study of three HSBC branches found that by spending money on energy efficiency improvements, HSBC will actually save money in operating costs and that these are year-on-year savings, not just one-off bonuses.

Cooper joins Mitsubishi Electric having spent the past year as a consultant in energy use and the air conditioning industry and prior to this he worked on a number of customer-focused and marketing initiatives for Norwich Union and Barclays Bank. He has also held a wide variety of roles in systems development & implementation, marketing and product development.

“What Mitsubishi Electric has found since taking such an environmental stance with its Green Gateway Initiative is that this chimes with the large corporations and with many businesses that recognise the marketing and the actual value in being seen to be more environmentally concerned,” he explained.

“I am now trying to highlight the fact that even before looking at the long-term benefits of considering energy consumption, there are immediate and short-term benefits that can help businesses cut their bills almost immediately.”

Simple things such as ensuring that heating and cooling equipment is properly and regularly maintained need not cost a penny. Machinery that is able to work at maximum efficiency will not waste energy and will therefore help keep bills down to a minimum. If this area has been neglected and vents and equipment are covered in dust then an immediate improvement in performance will be observed, once they are cleaned.

Likewise, better control regimes can stop staff wasting money by constantly turning heating and cooling up and down: “Most offices have someone who wants it to be icy cold all the time and others who need to feel like toast and finding a balance is often impossible and leads to systems working overtime as staff use the thermostat as an on / off switch.

“A simple thing like altering the set temperatures for your system so that they can’t be lowered to less than 19 ºC or raised to more than 22ºC, will allow staff some control but also save you from wasting energy and help reduce your energy bills,” added Cooper.

This is vital because throughout Europe, over 40% of our energy is spent on heating, lighting, cooling and running our homes and offices. We need to reduce this amount to help combat climate change but the harsh realities of the economic climate can blur the focus of companies and mean green initiatives are put on the back burner.

“What we are trying to highlight is that by questioning all aspects of your building’s energy use, you can achieve a greener profile and save money,” explained Cooper.

“Many companies will already be reviewing their systems in time for the coming winter and this provides an ideal opportunity to alter these areas of control and maintenance which can then have a direct impact on your next fuel bill.”

The issues discussed here are all part of Mitsubishi Electric’s Green Gateway Initiative™ and further details can be found at the dedicated website:

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