New range of hands free colour video monitors

New range of hands free colour video monitors

Videx has launched a new range of hands free low profile colour video monitors that strengthens access control for residents in low, medium and high rise installations.

The monitors, which feature a 7 inch high resolution colour LCD screen in a satin white finish, enable apartments to receive calls from one or more entrance points to the building and communicate with the caller with a colour video image before allowing the caller access to the building.

Video door entry is becoming an increasingly popular access control choice because it enables a resident to see and talk to a caller prior to opening the door which offers additional peace of mind and security as they have the option to deny access to a caller without having to open the door first.

A brand new optional feature is the video memory facility which can be used with or without a Micro SD card. With a Micro SD card it’s possible to store up to 4096 still images or up to 512 15 second video clips of callers.

The facility can be used manually where the user can press a button to either take a picture of the caller, start recording a short video clip or it can be used in an automatic mode where the picture/video clip will automatically be taken when a visitor calls - allowing the user to review any missed calls when they arrive home. The Micro SD card can also be removed allowing the images and video clips to be used in another device such as a mobile, tablet or PC.

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