New Schueco Jansen Steel Fire Doors and Screens approved for use in the UK

New Schueco Jansen Steel Fire Doors and Screens approved for use in the UK

After extensive testing to ensure they meet relevant EN standards, a new range of Janisol fire doors and screens from steel systems specialist, Schueco Jansen, has been approved for use in the UK. Designated Schueco Jansen Janisol C4, the steel systems offer high fire-resistance performance, narrow sight-lines, large glazed areas, stylish hardware and a wide variety of design options.

Manufactured from hot-dip galvanised cold rolled steel sections with special isolators and an advanced fire-retardant core, these glazed doors and screens achieve an EI90 rating. This means that they will maintain their stability and integrity and provide a physical barrier against flame, smoke, heat and hot gases for up to 90 minutes. By maintaining an average temperature of 140oC on the non-fire side, they can help to save lives by protecting vital escape routes.

The tests (in accordance with EN 1364-1 and EN 1634-1) and assessment procedures (drawing on 2012 reports from BRE Global) take into account fixing into masonry and concrete walls, as well as steel-framed partition systems. The result is that specifiers and investors can be assured that Janisol C4 systems will provide proven protection for people and property.

Schueco Jansen Janisol C4 doors have mitred and welded corners and a frame depth of only 70 mm and, because of their steel construction, are able to offer narrow sight-lines – typically just 132.5 mm for the frame and opening leaf – so allowing maximum transmission of light. Customers can choose for the frames to be finished in any of the RAL range of colours.

The approved scope of door and fixed-light combinations includes single and double rebated doors with/without midrails, side- and top-lights and radiused-head top-lights. Exceptionally large doors are also possible: maximum leaf sizes for single doors are up to 1,426 mm wide and 3,044 mm high (max. area 5.21 m2), while double doors can be specified up to 1,529 mm wide and 2,889 mm high (max. area 4.01 m2).

Fittings for standard Janisol C4 doors include a wide range of locks, barrel or surface-mounted hinges with/without adjustment features and stylish stainless steel handles. Panic bars and touch-bar fittings complying to EN 1125 are also available.

In addition to door sets and fixed lights, the Janisol C4 system may also be used for glazed screens up to a maximum height of 3,963 mm where there is a requirement for 90 minutes' integrity and insulation. Infills for the doors and screens include a range of both single- and double-glazed fire-protection units as well as non-glass panels, the latter being typically a sandwich of 1 mm steel sheet and 36 mm of plasterboard.

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