New Stacking door from Hörmann

New Stacking door from Hörmann

A new door for large internal and external openings, the V9012L Stacking has been added to the Hörmann industrial door range.

This folding curtain door is opened via a belt drive system that folds the door into the lintel area. Full width, aluminium laths that stabilise the curtain and provide wind reinforcement are placed at 600mm intervals along the entire door height.

The door has been designed especially for door openings up to 6 metres high, where lintel space is often limited. To maximise the useable height, this door can be fitted externally. To accommodate this, the operating mechanism is integrated into the frame and barrel casing to protect it from adverse weather conditions. An optional external control element can be added to operate the door easily and conveniently from the shop floor.

As with all Hörmann high speed curtain doors the award winning Light Grille, non-contact safety device, is included as standard. This solid state device uses an array of light beams to constantly monitor the door opening to a height of 2.5 metres and will simply stop the door if any are broken. The Light Grille has no moving parts, so only limited maintenance is needed to ensure a long reliable service life.

This door is produced in a choice of five colours, and all include a 600mm vision panel across the full width of the door as standard. On request this can be extended to two panels as shown.

The new V9012 L Stacking door is another option for large openings alongside the range of roller shutters that are often the preferred option for larger openings such as aircraft hangers or heavy industrial applications.

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