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New Studiosorba Sound Absorbing Panels

New Studiosorba Sound Absorbing Panels

The Studiosorba™ range is manufactured from a dark grey combustion modified acoustic foam and consists of: Disc Absorbers Disc shaped absorbers available in two thicknesses which can be dotted around the room on both walls and ceilings to create great visual effects with maximum absorption. Wedge and Pyramid Absorbers Wedge and pyramid absorbers have a profiled face which increases the surface area for absorption and can be used to treat flutter echoes and standing waves. Corner Bass Absorbers The corner bass absorber consists of calculated angles and depths for maximum absorption at low frequencies. They fit neatly into corners, taking advantage of the fact that low frequencies congregate in these areas. Cube and Rectangular Absorbers Cube and rectangular absorbers can be used to finish off bass absorbers and the wedge and pyramid absorber in the corners of rooms or where the walls meet the ceiling whilst also increasing the efficiency of the overall room acoustics. Soundsorba's technical department will be pleased to assist with sound absorption solutions and acoustic problems. Please contact Soundsorba or visit the website for more information on the Studiosorba™ sound absorbers or other Soundsorba products.

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