New Super Spiffy crazy climber

New Super Spiffy crazy climber

The bright colours, unorthodox appearance and huge variety of physical challenges make the Spiffy the perfect climbing frame for younger years at primary school.

It's packed with three-dimensional physical activities, including a cone net and tube net, traverse ropes, traverse panels, an overhead ladder, and suspended steps.

The Super Spiffy is designed to be approachable and accessible from any angle, as it presents a different physical challenges on each face of the skeletal design. This non-prescriptive design keeps the challenge fresh and exciting for the children, as they can choose a different approach and route every time. It also assists with their mental development, as they decide which route to take based on its speed, ease, relative safety, and so on; this is a skill that translates directly into later life.

The Super Spiffy can be installed onto a variety of different safety surfaces, and its skeletal design lends itself well to supervision as there are no corners in which to hide. It's comprised of timber uprights installed with a concrete boot, linked together by hdpe and steel activities.

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