New walkway canopies at Lancasterian School

New walkway canopies at Lancasterian School

As part of the second and third tranche of works at Lancasterian School, Setter Shelters was approached to build multiple walkway canopies around the edges of the main school playground, so as to link up the doors to the main building with those of the nursery, and to provide parents with shelter as they wait for their children.

The L-shaped canopy cornered the building, and so had to be designed to meet in the middle at the hip. The smaller canopy was wall mounted, and so structural calculations had to be made to ensure the stresses on the walls weren't too great. These were made and the canopy was cleared for construction.

The uprights for the canopies are attached to steel feet, which are cemented into the ground. The construction process therefore began with digging squares out for each of the feet, then making sure these were level. This would ensure no hiccups further down the line. Construction for the first, smaller canopy, was completed first, in order to really focus on the larger L-shaped canopy.

The polycarbonate roof prevents UV rays from penetrating, meaning it is shaded underneath despite being clear. The waterproof sealant used means the canopies also protect from the rain.

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