New wine preservation system from Wine Corner

New wine preservation system from Wine Corner

Wine Corner has added another product to their growing range of wine preservation and dispensing systems; TechnoWine Professional Wine Preservation Systems. This advanced, yet easy to use system preserves still and sparkling wine after the bottle has been opened.

By preventing wine oxidation, the system preserves wine in perfect condition for at least 15 days. For restaurants, hotels, pubs and of course wine bars, this has a number of clear benefits.
• Reduced waste as wine, still and sparkling, and Champagne opened even 15 days previously can still be served to customers as if the bottle had never been opened
• Happy customers as the wine and Champagne will be in perfect condition.
The system comes in either Table Top or Tower models with the options of purchasing the system for still wine preservation, Champaign or sparkling wine preservation or both.

Whichever system you choose, the machine needs just 2-5 seconds to create a perfect vacuum inside the bottle. This vacuum maximises the wine conservation time, preventing damage or structural change. When you purchase a TechnoWine System, if you are not entirely satisfied with your unit during the first 30 days, we will take it back, no question asked. For UK mainland customers, the product price includes delivery, with delivery generally within 14 days of you placing your order.

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