News / PressKingspan Off-Site Rolls Out New Mezzanine Floor System

News / PressKingspan Off-Site Rolls Out New Mezzanine Floor System

MezaLite 300 provides a solution for companies requiring extra storage and distribution space without the financial implications and disruption associated with relocating premises. Designed to replace hot-rolled steel primary beams, the new lightweight, cold-rolled system can provide significant weight and cost savings for mezzanine floors.

Accommodating the most popular grid sizes currently used within the storage, handling and distribution market, the grid options for the new beam range from 3m x 3m, up to 5m x 4m. The strength, when used with a Sigma beam, enables MezaLite to be used to support suspended ceilings and to create up to three or four tiers. Lightweight and easy to handle, the MezaLite 300 floor system is ideal for use in projects with limited or difficult access as it can be moved around site without the aid of machinery.

With less energy required during its manufacture, a major benefit of the cold-rolled system over hot-rolled beams is a reduction in costs of up to 10%. Removing the hot-rolled element also reduces fabrication time for customers, allowing additional savings to be made on labour costs.

During the construction of the MezaLite 300 floor system, the main beam is fixed to the supporting column directly, eliminating the need for welded connection plates and significantly reducing the fabrication costs. In addition, the beam arrangement offered by the MezaLite 300 system enables the secondary beams to be 250mm shorter, when compared to traditional hot-rolled main beam solutions, for an additional cost saving.

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