Number one watertight solution

Number one watertight solution

Offering BBA Certified internal waterproofing for the life of the structure it is protecting, the Sika 1 pre-bagged waterproofing system provides uncompromised results – each and every time.

Available as both waterproofing render and screed systems, the key active ingredient in pre-bagged Sika 1 solution is Sika 1 liquid waterproofing admixture. A colloidal silicate liquid, it reacts to water by swelling on contact. Put simply, Sika 1 coagulates once moisture reaches the structure, filling the gaps and preventing the ingress of water for the rest of the wall or floor’s lifetime.

The use of Sika pre-bagged mortars ensures the correct grading of aggregate and cement is used in every batch. Not only does this help maintain the highest level of quality control on site, but it also reduces the risk of quality issues arising.

The system is available as either a three or four coat render system, and a three coat screed system. It is a solution that’s suitable for any structure that requires waterproofing, whether used for the interior or exterior, on brickwork or concrete and from new builds to refurbishments. The Sika 1 pre-bagged waterproofing system also has a range of complementary products to deal with joints, cracks and coatings, ensuring specifiers and contractors have all that’s needed to provide their project with an infallible system.

It’s certified by the British Board of Agrément – the UK’s premier approval body of construction products – which states that, "Sika 1 pre-bagged waterproofing system will provide an effective barrier to the transmission of liquid for the life of the building to which they are applied."

Sika 1 pre-bagged waterproofing system can be used to help provide waterproofing to meet the requirements of BS8102 Grades two, three and four.

Where absolutely no water or moisture vapour can be allowed to penetrate, Grade four is necessary. This would include such areas as archives and stores for sensitive and/or valuable materials and equipment.

Grade three ensures a dry environment with no water penetration, which makes it ideal for working areas such as offices, leisure facilities and restaurants.

Grade two delivers protection for such spaces as residential and commercial basements, workshops and retail storage, where water migration is intolerable, but moisture vapour can be allowed. And, in cases where seepage and damp patches can be accepted, such as basement car parks (Grade one), Sika provides other cost-effective solutions for waterproofing.

And, to certify the system is applied at the highest quality and to perform to the best of its potential, Sika provides in-depth technical and practical advice to architects, surveyors, clients and specialist contractors as part of its personal and dedicated service.

Sika is accredited to the highest level of Environmental Management Systems, ISO 14001. It also complies with Water Quality regulations, making it a safe choice for any water storage application.

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