OnGarde CCTV tower creates an instant security presence

OnGarde CCTV tower creates an instant security presence

In the case of crime prevention OnGarde believes size does matter.

The OnGarde CCTV tower has been designed as a highly visible deterrent against construction site theft and vandalism. It’s hard to miss the imposing 3 metre high tamper proof housing and the 6 metre high 360° PTZ camera with powerful LED spot lights and a live audio system. It may be enough to convince potential criminals to think again and go elsewhere.

OnGarde CCTV’s crime free record in 2014 goes a long way to show that preventing crime is better than recording it.

The OnGarde CCTV Tower uses advanced military software (Video Content Analytics) that can be used to highlight an alarm area, and produce a video within seconds so that the event can be viewed and then verified within half a minute resulting in no false alarms. In case of a true alarm situation a live audio warning will be sent and the appropriate action will be taken by OnGarde CCTV’s monitoring centre.

The OnGarde CCTV Tower can be delivered, installed, connected to their monitoring centre via 3G or 4G and can be operational within an hour.

Theft and vandalism on UK construction sites is costing the industry over £1 million per day. The OnGarde CCTV Tower can provide an effective security solution for less than £29 per day.

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