OnGarde securing Heathrow Airport

OnGarde securing Heathrow Airport

Background: Heathrow Airport requires an enormous amount of water to supply all its facilities every day of the week. This water is supplied by several large reservoirs around the airport and any disruption to this service could result in key areas and services including their own fire service being shutdown causing substantial losses.

Following a number of break-ins and the theft of power cable, Heathrow were using man- guards to monitor these key facilities. Each facility required 24 hours coverage and two men on site at all times which was a very expensive & time consuming solution.

Having seen OnGarde CCTV on a nearby site, staff at Heathrow contacted OnGarde and asked if they could supply several CCTV towers on various sites to protect the at risk facilities.

Solution: Several OnGarde CCTV Towers with live audio were located at various key locations around Heathrow airport to monitor key access doors that had previously been broken into. These cameras were connected to the OnGarde monitoring centre who in turn could contact Heathrow security.

Result: Following the installation of OnGarde CCTV towers & over a period of over an 18 Months the Heathrow facilities being protected had zero attempted theft or acts of vandalism. Proving how effective OnGarde CCTV towers are as a deterrent against crime.

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