Online concrete paving sub-base specifier tool from Tobermore

Online concrete paving sub-base specifier tool from Tobermore

Last year, Tobermore launched a free online sub-base specifier tool for concrete block paving and flag paving. By entering a few project details, you’ll receive preliminary sub-base design drawings which you can use for your initial design and project pack.

The performance of any concrete block paving or flag paving relies on the support of a suitable sub-base. This refers to the layer of crushed aggregate and bound roadbase layers that provide the strength and load-bearing capability of the paving.

Concrete block paving and flag paving should be designed to accommodate the intended traffic over its design life without showing signs of significant surface deformation.

To ensure this is achieved the pavement must be correctly designed by specifying the correct thickness of sub-base / roadbase layers. A sub-base layer is always included to spread the loads applied by vehicles and a bound roadbase layer will be included for heavier trafficked pavements to provide extra load-bearing capacity.

The sub-base specifier tool goes beyond BS 7533 by providing specifiers with a wider choice of new sub-base designs to enable them to achieve more cost-effective solutions.

The sub-base specifier tool provides 12 block paving and 6 flag paving designs for various loading categories. The designs are based specifically on Tobermore products and have been produced using over 45 years of on-site experience and research by the UK’s leading structural engineer in paving, Professor John Knapton.

The tool will provide you with cross-section drawings illustrating the required build-up and a specification for the materials required.

A correctly designed sub-base will:
· Spread the applied loads
· Provide longevity to the pavement
· Prevent settlement or channelisation

To use the tool, follow these simple steps:
1. Select the project type you are working on
2. Next, select the product type you’d like to use – Block Paving or Paving Flags
3. Now select which of Tobermore’s products you would like to specify
4. Select the depth of the product you’d like to specify
5. Now select the product plan size
6. Choose the maximum loading category your project will be subject to
7. Receive your DWG drawings straight to your inbox

If you have any queries (technical or otherwise) regarding the new sub-base specifier tool, please contact Tobermore here.

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