Online Savings - Time, Money and Risk

Online Savings - Time, Money and Risk

Ensuring that a roofing system will remain in place through the worst that the British weather can throw at it requires a series of complex calculations to be carried out in accordance with British Standard BS6399: Part 2: 1997 (Incorporating Amendment 1) Code of Practice for Wind Loads.

Ask yourself a question: are you sure that your roofing system supplier or the sub contractor is actually carrying out these complex calculations or just working to a rule of thumb? Leading single ply roofing system manufacturer, Sika-Trocal, has harnessed the power of the internet to help its Licensed Contractors ensure that the power of the wind will not remove its roofing systems from the roof. Sika-Trocal’s online wind load calculator is already proving a real success with contractors.

Incorporating the very latest standards and wind maps to provide accurate and consistent information on individual sites, the wind load calculator provides the varying wind loadings throughout the UK, enabling licensed contractors to accurately calculate the requirements for any flat roofing application. What was once a relatively complex operation that needed thorough checking is now an easy and simple process at the click of a mouse.

Project information including site location, wind speed, terrain category, building dimension, altitude and distance from the sea are all inputted online - with the added assistance of Google Earth. The pay off is significant, not only is the time required to do the calculations reduced, but the number of fasteners needed is accurately calculated. This helps reduce the installed cost of a Sika-Trocal roofing system and in these tough economic times cost savings helps win projects.

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