Order modules and prefabricated PV kits online

Order modules and prefabricated PV kits online

The online shop of the Saxony-based PV manufacturer, Calyxo GmbH, has been available at www.shop.calyxo.com since the 1st of January 2012. The proven CX modules from the CdTe thin-film technology specialists can be ordered online via the shop, in power classes ranging up to 72.5 Wp. Packages with 44 PV modules are available from as little as 891 euros.

Calyxo also present their CX kits in the "Offers" area of their online shop. These are prefabricated photovoltaic systems suitable for use in almost any location conforming to a category 2 wind and snow load zone. All system components are perfectly matched to each other to ensure high solar yields.

Among other products, Calyxo also offers a solar carport with an installed module power of 2.8 kWp as a CX kit. The complete system consisting of the carport kit, CX3 modules and a transformerless inverter tailored to match the system is available for a total price of 5,990.00 euros + VAT. For this price the customer receives a permit-free solar carport with 2 parking spaces and 40 CX modules delivering a total power of 2.8 kWp. When installed at a location such as (e.g.) Ingolstadt, the system delivers a revenue of approx. 695 euros per annum, which represents an investment return of over 5 per cent.

In addition to the carport, the customer can also order a perfectly tailored and prefabricated system consisting of a Home Grid CX kit delivering a solar system power of 4.2 kWp and a Roof Top Parallel kit delivering 11.1 kWp. The Roof Top Parallel system is a complete package specially designed for flat roofs. This system highlights the advantages of the Calyxo CdTe thin-film technology. The usual mounting frames required to provide an optimum solar irradiation angle are not necessary. This also allows the implementation of PV systems over large roof areas to provide a visually attractive homogeneous appearance. The Calyxo Home Grid CX kit is a complete package containing all the necessary components for implementing a 4.2-kWp photovoltaic system, which is sufficient to cover the needs of a 4-person household.

All Calyxo CX kits are commissioned and made ready for delivery within five days. The systems are perfectly tuned to match each other and are very easy and uncomplicated to install – especially because the base profiles are already trimmed to the correct length. The system layout and specification of the inverters is also predefined, which greatly simplifies and accelerates the planning process. The Calyxo CX kits can be used on buildings up to a maximum height of 25 m and at roof pitches of 3° to 60°.

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