Origin creates a wider space for all seasons

Origin creates a wider space for all seasons

Bi-fold doors from Origin are creating an easy access to, and an uninterrupted view of the beautiful patio and garden area of this private home.

The products were chosen because of their high quality, attractive design and ability to create something completely bespoke. The clients loved the flexibility and choice they had in picking the right doors. They were able to select a specific configuration that perfectly complemented the measurements and space, and a colour that blends perfectly with the existing windows and doors.

Out of the 150 RAL colours available, the 9910M Hipca White Origin Bi-fold Doors was chosen in order to match their existing door and window frames. They chose two sets of 3 door configurations to fit their existing opening, both of white open outwards.

On long summer days, the bifolds are pretty much permanently open, letting the warmth and natural light in. And during cooler months, the polyamide break used in Origin’s aluminium profile helps to keep the cold out and warmth in.

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